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The work of the Headache Classification Subcommittee of the International Headache Society is financially supported exclusively by the International Headache Society. The International Headache Society expresses its gratitude for unrestricted grants given to the Society with a view to supporting its activities, including The International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd edition, by the following companies:




Boots Healthcare International


The headache classification subcommittee and its working groups have received valuable suggestions and critiques from a great number of colleagues around the world. They cannot all be acknowledged individually but we wish to mention two specifically. Robert Spitzer?s immense experience in psychiatric disease classification inspired the reconstituted headache classification subcommittee at its first meeting. Michael B First is a psychiatrist and an expert in disease classification. He has been invaluable as an outside expert, early on helping the many new members who were unfamiliar with disease classification and, later, often guiding our steps in this difficult art. Despite the fact that headache is remote to his speciality he graciously accepted to chair a newly-formed working group on headache attributed to psychiatric disease.

Peter Goadsby, Richard B Lipton, Jes Olesen and Stephen D Silberstein have organised the practical aspects of our meetings.

Kirsten Hjelm has done most of the administrative and secretarial work for the subcommittee. Rosemary Chilcott has managed the finances. We thank both for their never-failing support.