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Preface to IHS-ICHD-2 website

Two years after the publication of the 2nd Edition of The International Headache Classification (ICHD-2), we are now ready to launch a web based edition.
This is a major achievement and my sincere thanks go to the Chairman of the committee that has developed this, Prof. Hartmut Göbel of The Kiel Headache Centre and to the members of his committee.

This web based version has many facilities that are not present in the printed version or a simple electronic file.
Since a Headache Classification cannot be learned by heart, it is of immense value that doctors all over the world are now able to go on the web and look after whatever question they may have regarding ICHD-2.

The web site also offers the possibility of gradually including the many translations of ICHD-2. It may also in future include discussion groups on the different chapters in the classification where experience and inspiration can be exchanged. This may prove extremely valuable because comments to The Classification will then be collected in one accessible site, which can be used when The Classification Committee considers future revisions.

Jes Olesen
Chairman of The International Headache Classification Committee