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IHS Diagnosis ICD-10
13.15.1 Head or facial pain attributed to acute herpes zoster [B02.2] G44.881  


Head or facial pain caused by herpes zoster.

Diagnostic criteria:

  1. Head or facial pain in the distribution of a nerve or nerve division and fulfilling criteria C and D
  2. Herpetic eruption in the territory of the same nerve
  3. Pain precedes herpetic eruption by <7 days1
  4. Pain resolves within 3 months


  1. Pain precedes herpetic eruption by <7 days. During this time, criterion B is not fulfilled and the diagnosis is Head or facial pain probably attributed to acute herpes zoster.


Herpes zoster affects the trigeminal ganglion in 10-15% of patients with the disease, and the ophthalmic division is singled out in some 80% of those patients. Herpes zoster may also involve the geniculate ganglion, causing an eruption in the external auditory meatus. The soft palate or areas of distribution of upper cervical roots may be involved in some patients.

Ophthalmic herpes may be associated with third, fourth and/or sixth cranial nerve palsies and geniculate herpes with facial palsy and/or acoustic symptoms. Zoster occurs in about 10% of patients with lymphoma and 25% of patients with Hodgkin's disease.