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Extend your electronic library! On this page you can find current resources as well as scientific literature on headache and its classification. All documents maybe downloaded free of charge.


Classification (1st Edition) Guidelines:SizeType 
Preface0.02 MBpdf
Introduction0.03 MBpdf
General Rules0.05 MBpdf
Classification0.1 MBpdf
Diagnostic Criteria1.21 MBpdf
Definitions0.08 MBpdf
Contents0.04 MBpdf
Classification (2nd Edition) Guidelines:SizeType 
ICHD-II Index0.06 MBpdf
ICHD-II Classification0.76 MBpdf
Short Form ICHD-II0.17 MBpdf
Intro1.34 MBppt
Primary Headache2.19 MBppt
Secondary Headache2.16 MBppt
Cranial Neuralgias1.27 MBppt
Appendix1.3 MBppt
Chronic-Migraine-Revised-Appendix-Criteria-ICHD-2.pdf0.05 MBpdf
Classification (2nd Edition - 1st Revision) Guidelines:SizeType 
ICHD-II First Revision (ICHD-IIRI) PowerPoint Slides0.89 MBppt
ICHD-IIR1-PPT.pdf0.46 MBpdf
ICHD-IIR1-short-form-.pdf0.1 MBpdf
ICHD-IIR1final.pdf0.77 MBpdf
Revision-of-criteria-8.2-MOH.pdf0.07 MBpdf
ICHD-II-R1-website.pdf0.01 MBpdf
Classification (3rd Edition - beta version) Guidelines:SizeType 
International-Headache-Classification-III-ICHD-III-2013-Beta.pdf0.83 MBpdf